Friday, 27.10.2006 – Dejan

Posto inace koristim TOAD za rad sa Oracle-om, odlucio sam isprobati i TOAD za MySQL.

Na sluzbenom sajtu firme Quest mozete pronaci vise informacija o samom alatu (Toad for MySQL -> Overview), a usput i skinuti instalacijski paket (dole desno u sekciji “More info” imate link za download ili kliknite ovdje direktno za download: Download Toad for MySQL).

Prenijeću neke od karakteristika sa službenog homepagea (copy/paste):

  • SQL Modeler – Quickly create the framework for a SQL statement from a graphical interface, including selecting tables and views; selecting and joining columns, adding conditions, etc.

  • Schema Report Generator – Create HTML reports of selected databases and objects, including the source code for each object and links that display details for the object when selected.

  • Data Report Designer – Design and distribute live reports that users can run to view the latest data.

  • Advanced Administration – Schema Compare, Data Compare, Knowledge Xpert, Flush and Reset, Session Monitor, and Group Execute.

  • Master Detail Browser – View or edit data from one or more tables that contain constraints.

  • Editor Enhancements – Macro Record/Playback, Enhanced Code Snippets, Version Control, and more…

  • Service Manager – Easily add, remove, start, or stop services from Toad. 

  • Security Setup – Restrict access to specific features in Toad.
  • Tu je naravno i podrška za UTF8:  

    TOAD za MySQL - UTF8 podrška

    Isprobajte i nećete se pokajati.

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